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RechargerStore® RS-81 Blank Replacement Chip (Silver)
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SKU: 32712
OEM Part Number: BLANK-RS81-S
Alternative OEM №: BLANKRS81

Product Type: BLANK CHIP
For use with:
RS-81 Type Chips
OEM Brand: RechargerStore
OEM Capacity: Any Capacity
OEM Yield: Any Yield
OEM Color: Any Color
OEM chip resettable: Resettable
RS Type: RS-81
RS Blank Chip: Always resettable
Listed below are all sets of possible combinations between Resetting Devices and Extension Modules that can handle the RS-81 Type Chip. It is required to have all items of at least one of the following sets:
  • RSD-U Resetting Device + Extension Module EM-181

The RS® BLANK CHIP is a universal emulator built-in to a specific RS Type chip. It is invented and developed by RechargerStore, to emulate the full functionality of an OEM chip of the same RS Type. The RS® BLANK CHIP is capable of covering any specific OEM part number from different brands, regions, machine models, OEM types, OEM sub-types, colors, yields, contract types, billing plans, etc., that use the same RS Type chip, provided that it is programmed with a CDF reset (Custom Dump File) to a specific OEM part number. All that is achieved with just a single universal physical chip - the RS® BLANK CHIP, for every RS Type chip we've developed.

With the invention of the RS® BLANK CHIP for each RS Type chip, RechargerStore provides its clients with a huge opportunity to be able to cover thousands of different OEM part numbers with just a handful of RS® BLANK CHIPS.

This gives our clients enormous advantages. For example, our clients can setup and control their own chip operations in their premises by programming the RS® BLANK CHIPS to whatever specific OEM part numbers they want, whenever they want, as many as they what, on their own terms. By having our RS® BLANK CHIPS backed by our unique technology, our clients can finally break free from those shady reputation vendors of one-time-use preset chips with questionable quality and reliability, where they would be stuck with chip inventory that they can’t change or control. With our technology, our clients can promptly and efficiently control the production of their finished consumables by programming the RS® BLANK CHIP to specific OEM part numbers as they get orders, and not months ahead hoping to get orders for the same OEM part numbers, had they ordered preset chips instead.

Our clients no longer need to stock inventory for every single OEM part number chip without guessing if they would sell the same quantity chips per each of these OEM part numbers, but they can produce the needed OEM part number chips on their own in no time using our RS® BLANK CHIPS. Our clients also no longer need to wait for delivery of the preset non-resettable chips, but program our RS® BLANK CHIPS to the specific OEM part numbers they need right away in their facilities and never experience a backlog, or slow-moving inventory, cancelled orders, modified orders, or even getting stuck with obsolete OEM part number chips. Our clients also can collect back our used RS® Replacement Chips as well as the used OEM chips from their clients and reset them for reuse by means of our CDF resets and save big on the cost to obtain new RS® Replacement Chips every time.

We provide support to our clients who want to open their own independent Chip Shops in their local markets to serve their clients with on-the-spot programming of our RS® BLANK CHIPS to any specific OEM part numbers, including our unique RS® NEUTRAL part numbers, and also offering a resetting service not only for all of our used RS® Replacement Chips but for most of the OEM used chips too.

Regardless the size of your operations, we have a solution to fit your needs and business objectives. We provide our clients with an exceptional technology and tools to reset not only our RS® Replacement Chips but also most of the OEM chips too. For mid-to-high volume operations and tech savvy entrepreneurs the best way to go is to get our production grade resetting tools together with RS® BLANK CHIPS and/or RS® BLANK CDFs for each RS Type chip that they want to cover, so that they can control their own chip production. Small volume shops and end users can start with our ready to work PRESET chips. And since each of our RS® Replacement Chip is always resettable, they can later on get the Resetting Device and the appropriate Extension Modules that handles those RS Type chips they want to work with and start resetting not only our RS® Replacement Chips but most of the OEM chips too.

Clients around the world, from small shops to big remanufacturing companies, rely on our unique technology and our best-of-breed know-how for their daily operations. Embracing the advantages that our ubiquitous technology provides and using our Resetting Device, Extension Modules, RS® BLANK CHIPS and RS® BLANK CDFs for every RS Type chip we support, they focus on expanding their business and services, knowing that the burden of developing reliable chip solutions is being taken care of by the best in this business – the RechargerStore.

Clients who order our RS® BLANK CHIPS for a given RS Type are allowed to request free CDF resets for any OEM part numbers, including our own RS® NEUTRAL part numbers where available, for any machine models in any region covered by the same RS Type chip as part of their package with no minimum quantity limit.

The RS® BLANK CHIP has no expiration. Free CDF files for particular OEM numbers up to the allowable limits can be requested anytime for upload to client’s account. The uploaded CDF files to the client’s account are always available for download and have no expiration. The used RS® Replacement Chips are always resettable for unlimited additional cycles to any OEM numbers by means of CDF resets.

We sell this RS® BLANK CHIP depending on the Price Tag, for the models and/or OEM part numbers listed in the section "For use with" above, at the prices and minimum quantity listed below. The RS® BLANK CHIPS come bulk in anti-static zip lock bag with an overpack label.

This is the latest technology RS® BLANK CHIP that can be reset anytime for unlimited additional cycles by means of a CDF Reset (Custom Dump File) using the Resetting Device and the Extension Module that handle this RS Type chip.

There are unlimited unrestricted possibilities, unmatched by any other company in this business, that only our technology offers you. Seize the moment!

  • Tired of buying tons of expensive and/or one-time usable chips?
  • Want to outperform your competition by lowering your cost, increase your profit margins, and keep your customers happy and coming back?
  • Want to save on shipping costs, import cost, delivery time and serve your customers efficiently, profitably and instantly?
  • Want to change the OEM number of a given RS Type chip to another one and reduce a slow moving inventory?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions then it is definitely a time for you to start a Smart Resetting. We strongly recommend using our ubiquitous technology that is second to none in this business, to reset instantly not only all of ours RS® Replacement Chips but also the OEM chips and 3rd Party chips where technology permits instead of buying replacement chips every time. With its affordably low start-up costs this is an investment in the most Advanced, Dependable and Reliable chip resetting technology ever. Never lose time and money again buying and waiting for new replacement chips. Just order online and download additional CDF files whenever you want to reset your chips.

Do Not wait anymore but start using the Most Sophisticated, the Fastest and the Least Expensive Resetting Service for remanufacturers around the world before your competition takes all your clients away!

Volume Pricing:
Price tag:
Order Qty: 100 250 500 750 1000
Price per Item:
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